If you’re wondering who takes our pictures and manages to capture the raw emotions of everyone that comes to our events? Is this guy right here. Gallican was born in the beautiful continent of Africa on a leap year (February 29) in a large family of 11. He came to Canada at the age of 4 but has yet to accustom himself to the Canadian winters. He is currently a University of Alberta student in the bilingual Bachelors of Science program with a major in Biology and minor in Psychology. Gallican has a way to make people feel welcomed and comfortable behind and in front of the lens. When he is not taking pictures you can find him longboarding, studying and most importantly sleeping.

“Whenever you see me at our events don’t be afraid to come say “Hi” or ask for a picture. P.S. check out some of my work, I’d love to work with you @bukivisuals.”