“Salut Tout Le Monde, I go by Ivan. I am Bamiléké-Bafang and was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa in Miniature.”

Ivan moved to Canada in 2012 and is currently studying a Bilingual Degree in Environmental Sciences and Conservation at the University of Alberta. His interest for Environmental Stewardship stemmed from observing and admiring marine turtles’ cycle of life on the beaches of Kribi. Kribi is a small city located in the south of his home country, where he spent most of his childhood. Since arriving in Canada in 2013, he has experienced so much both within and outside of his culture. One thing that Ivan sure hasn’t gotten enough of is Latinx Culture. The languages, the food, the music, the dances, the vibes and the similarities with his cultures has allowed him to meet, network and learn amazing things from individuals such as Patrick Cajina. Ivan is also a dance instructor and has been teaching Afrobeats through the University of Alberta Campus & Recreation program for two years now. Last but not least Ivan is very passionate about Social Sustainability and issues revolving around Environmental Racism and/or Toxic Waste Colonialism.