Born in the exotic locale of Calgary, Alberta, Patrick Cajina Cortez always felt a pull to his Latin roots. Born to Nicaraguan parents in a very Nicaraguan household, Patrick learnt Spanish, how to dance and how to cook at a very young age. He further affirmed his Latinx identity when he got to university; meeting other people from different cultures inspired him to know his own more intimately. As a result, Patrick became increasingly involved in dance, organizing workshops in schools, flash mobs in university as well joining Salsa and Kizomba teams. This passion for dance melded well with his other passion: community empowerment. .
For him, this meant getting involved in the communities he was a part of. During his time at the UofA, Patrick became very active in student groups and governance, the Francophone community and various Latin American community groups. These experiences inform his vision for La Connexional - he plans to build La Connexional into a hub for anything and everything Afro-Latinx related. For him, La Connexional is an organization that empowers the Afro-Latin community by building capacity and creating spaces in which to showcase the community’s movers and shakers to upcoming innovators. This means that Afro-Latinx entrepreneurs, businesses, artists, dancers, poets gain a dedicated space to share & develop their craft with members of their own community as well as those outside it. .
Mi gente Latina, mi gente Africana - Let’s show them what we’re made of !