Stop At Nothing - 2nd coming x la connexional

Stop At Nothing was simply one of the best possible collaboration that we could have done this Summer. In close partnership with 2nd Coming, we created an immersive experience that paired mesmerizing music, dance and forward-thinking art installations. Patrons had the opportunity to explore a completely transformed underground location while chatting, dancing or admiring the creative process that went into creating this one of a kind space. Furthermore, this event also served as a celebration of 2nd Coming 4th Year Anniversary and allowed participants to purchased 2nd Coming merchandise on the spot! This pop-up experience brought forward some much-needed fresh juice in the city and we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with!

Big shootout to Josue, 2nd Coming Creative Director; his entire team, the La Connexional team and of course every single person that made it to this one of a kind collaboration!